Associates of Science (AS), Business 

Spring 2014

Biological Sciences – BIOL1090

Composition – ENGL1010

Social Sciences – SOC1010

Interdisciplinary/Diversity – COMM2150

Principles of Public Speaking – COMM1020


 Summer 2014

Intermediate Composition – ENGL2010

Lifelong Wellness – HLAC1096

Computer Literacy – CIS1020


Fall 2014

Physical Sciences – GEOG1700

Fine Arts – ART1010

American Institutions – ECON1740

Humanities – COMM1050


Summer 2018

Economics – ECON2010

Business Elective (Cooperative Education) – MGT2000

Business Elective (Intro to Marketing) – MKTG1030


Fall 2018

Survey of Accounting I – ACCT2600

Foundations of Business – BUS1050

Intermediate Algebra (QS) – MATH1010

Business Elective (Legal Environment of Business) – MGT2050


Spring 2019

Quantitative Literacy (QL) – MATH1090

Business Statistics – MGT2040

My Major & Electives

My major at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is Business (AS).  I will to continue my education in Business after graduating from SLCC.  I am currently deciding with University I will attend.  I plan to obtain two more degrees after graduating from SLCC, a  Bachelors and a Masters.


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