Computer Information Systems – CIS1020

Course Description (from syllabus):

Computer Essentials is a hands-on introduction to problem solving using office productivity tools.  Basic hardware, software, networking, internet and computer theory topics are discussed.  It is intended to help the student become computer literate and computer competent. The course curriculum is directed at preparing the student to use the computer as an everyday problem-solving tool. Completing this course meets the General Education Computer Literacy (CL) requirement for SLCC.

Why I Took This Course:

Although SLCC offers you an option to test out of CIS1020, I decided to take class because I wanted to learn more about PowerPoint and Excel.  I’m so happy I went through the course; I was surprised how much I learned! Not just the Microsoft Office Suite, but “Technology in Action” as well.  I would recommend this class to anyone, even if you think you know a lot about computers.  You will learn all types of “tips and tricks” throughout various programs that help you save valuable time.  After completing this class, I can finally build an Excel formula (not just AutoSum!) and overcame my fears of PowerPoint.  Learning PP really stretched my creativity; I’m more of a numbers person, so it was fun to go outside of my comfort zone for new and creative projects.  I have uploaded three assignments from our class; two graders and my original PowerPoint, which was our final project.

Grader Projects:

Word:  Exploring_w02_Grader_EOC

Excel:  Exploring_e04_Grader_EOC

Final Project:

I hope you will enjoy the slide show of my favorite city! 🙂

Fabulous Las Vegas – 07-2014 – CIS1020


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