Elements of Human Communication – COMM1050

Course Description:  This course explores the practical, engaging, and relevant ways in which communication theory operates in our lives. Students become familiar with important theories they are likely to encounter within the communication disciples. The concept of “theory” will be demystified. Students become more systematic and thoughtful critical thinkers.

For our ePortfolio signature assignment, we analyzed a favorite movie of our choice using one of the Communication Theories discussed in our text.  I selected the film “Grease;” for the theory, I chose Face Negotiation Theory (FNT).  I was surprised by how many times I saw face saving techniques throughout the film.  By using FNT to “re-watch” one of my favorite movies it made the theory more relatable and understandable.  I even caught a short sentence that had three different face saving techniques.  Because we have many faces in our day to day lives (e.g. student, employee, family)  doing this type of analysis is a great reminder to continue to work on your self-identity and to be more aware of times that you could be hurting someone’s face unintentionally.

Reel Paper – COMM1050


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