Human Biology – BIOL1090

Taking Sides – Is Genetic Enhancement an Unacceptable Use of Technology?

I wrote the first piece before reading the articles because I wanted it to be an honest opinion of what I thought Genetic Enhancements could or would do.  I wasn’t 100% sure what genetic enhancements were, just the sound of the term makes me think of an Aryan Nation.  We are a world obsessed with looks and perfections, by opening this up to the public market I fear we (the world) would become more vain and cause further corruption in societies and possibly a further class separation.  The term “genetic enhancement” has a looming sound to it.

Now that I’ve read both articles with an open mind, I feel there are incredible benefits to this type of research and genetic enhancement could give hope to so many suffering from illnesses that currently have no cures.  Although I believe we would still struggle with abuse of this type of science, the benefits may outweigh the potential harm.

One of my favorite sayings is, “be perfectly imperfect.”  In my professional life, I lead a diversity network and I could not imagine a world without variety- being unique is not something that can be engineered or manufactured.

Taking Sides Issue 12 Paper


Taking Sides – Are we Winning the War on Cancer?

The war on cancer is one I wish we did not have to face, my hope is that all cancer will come to be nonexistent in my lifetime.  I have seen many people close to me struggle with cancer and the side effects of its treatment.  I have known people that have never done anything to drive cancer, become diagnosed with cancer and others that expose themselves to many environmental factors come out with a clean bill of health.  Sometimes, it seems as if cancer picks who it picks and that nothing can be done to prevent it.  These articles gave great insight into the world of research, the countless victories and various roadblocks that have occurred throughout the history of finding a cure for cancer.  There are multiple facts and findings presented for both sides of the argument.  It almost leaves one on the fence about the topic of winning or losing the battle.  The articles show that as a global society, we have made notable progress and changes that are needed to win the war on cancer; however, they may not be moving fast enough to stop the increasing number of cancer diagnoses.

Taking Sides Issue 4 – Paper



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