Intercultural Communications (ID/DV) – COMM2150

Project #1 – This project is designed to help you:

-Learn about a religion or culture that is different than your own.
-Learn about the values of the religion or culture.
-Introspect about your own values.
-Critically evaluate and apply theory to help you understand your chosen culture’s values.
-Improve your written communication skills.

Project Description:

Research and attend a religious meeting or cultural function.  Submit a 3-4 page word-processed report in which you relate your experience to one of the following value theories:
-The Cultural Environment , Hofstede (Martin & Nakayama, 2012, pp. 107-111)
-Value Orientation, Kluckholm & Strodbeck (Martin & Nakayama, 2012, pp. 99-107)
-Comparison of Beliefs of Major Religions, (COMM2150 Reading Packet, pp. 90-91)

Project 1 – COMM2150


Project #1 – Reflective Writing         

  • Did this assignment help you understand and apply concepts from the course?
  • What did you learn in this assignment that will help you in other classes and/or in your career?
  • How does this assignment connect with what you learned in other Gen Ed courses?


I really enjoyed this assignment.  Actually, I went to two events because I couldn’t decide which one to attend.  I went to a Hindi service at the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple and an Islamic service at Khadeeja Islamic Center.  I decided to research and write about my experience with the Islamic faith and Muslim people.  The reason I chose Islam is because I am a non-denominational Christian and the misconception that the two faiths cannot coexist.  I was completely surprised at the amount of similarities between Muslims and Christians.

There are several reasons this project helped me better understand the course.  By using the various ways listed in our text to evaluate the experience it has brought the ideas to life.  As I was attending the service I was taking notes using the Differences-Similarities Dialectic, although that was not required.  Also, I noticed I was able to integrate several of our keywords into my notes from the chapters we’ve studied.

This semester I am also taking Sociology and we have been learning about the agents of socialization, cultural norms, values and beliefs, as well as material and non-material cultures.  Taking these two classes simultaneously has been extremely helpful in my increased understanding of both concepts as a whole.

Learnings that I am excited to take away include a better understanding of the Muslim people, the various faith-based cultural centers in Salt Lake City and my studies in Sociology.  I consider myself fortunate because I work for a company that has diversity networks.  I am the lead for the Christian network.  Seeing the correlations between my own faith and that of Islam will help me speak on a completely new level with any Muslims colleagues.  After this assignment I will be able to discuss how our common beliefs can propel our working and personal relationships.

Project 1 Reflective Writing – COMM2150



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