Intermediate Writing – ENGL2010

English 2010 helped me understand how to use the four rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos) in everyday life.  You can analyze just about anything, from a persuasive presentation to a simple online post.

When you understand how to analyze an argument, you can remove any of the four rhetorical appeals from the presentation method (text, audio, visual, etc.) and discover the true message behind the rhetoric.

During this course, I saw positive changes in my writing, collaboration, and presentation skills.  I feel more confident in the way I present a logical and effective argument, especially by removing phrases that have jargon or slang, which in turn adds to my own ethos. I had never heard of kairos prior to this class.  I now understand the importance of perfect timing for your message, whether it is for a proposal at work or for the topics I select for upcoming academic projects.  If the message is not relevant for the time in which it is being discussed it will not be as effective or credible.

The class was not what I would call easy; however, it was rewarding and enriching, both personally and professionally.

I hope you enjoy my “comical” journey through this class.


Final Project

The Final Project for this class was a position and proposal, which included building a website, composing an APA formatted paper, and a group presentation.  My group chose the topic of Food Deserts.  Click the link below to view our project in its entirety.


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