Introduction to Writing – ENGL1010

Rhetorical Analysis

This assignment was a great way for me to expand my critical thinking.  I watched a lot of instructional videos and read quite a few things on the how-tos or the concept of a Rhetorical Analysis.   One thing that really helped me understand the concept was “it’s not the message, it’s the presentation,” that’s when the light bulb came on!  This was a tough assignment, but I’m so happy about how much I’ve learned from it.  I did my Rhetorical Analysis on an article by Heather Tirado Gilligan, “Food Deserts Aren’t the Problem.”  I chose this article because I had never heard of food deserts until we watched a video in class, so I wanted to learn more.

Notebook Assignment

I was surprised at how much I truly enjoyed this assignment.  I thought listening to ten podcasts would be overwhelming and time consuming, but it wasn’t.  There were times I was laughing so much that my boyfriend asked if he could listen in!  I listened to a variety of podcasts, my favorite was the interview with David Guas, a chef from New Orleans.  As you will see in my Notebook, there were times I was completely annoyed and counting the seconds until it was over and others were pure audio bliss.


I was really nervous about this assignment because I thought “what am I going to talk about for 5-30 minutes?!” Thankfully, I found a topic (thanks to my classmate).  I wrote a three page paper about some of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas and used that for my podcast.  Enjoy and happy eating!

 Annotated Bibliography

This assignment was tough, mostly because of the time factor.  I had never heard of (or seen) an Annotated Bibliography before this class/assignment.  I was surprised to see how much information there was available on my topic; I selected food deserts.  Prior to this class, I had never heard of such an injustice going on, right in our own backyards!  The SLCC database was a great help in finding everything I needed for this assignment and I’m definitely more knowledgeable about my topic than I was before!

Research Paper – Issue Exploration Paper (IEP)

The Research Paper (IEP) surprised me.  I didn’t think I was going to like the assignment or that it would be much harder than the Rhetorical Analysis.  I found that once I got through the Annotated Bibliography, I was ready to write!  I had a bunch of ideas from the articles I reviewed for the Annotated Bibliography that I had saved in a Word document.  I also had a few sticky notes on my desk and I would do what I called “drive-bys.”  Every time a new thought or idea came to mind about my IEP, I would run to my desk and jot it down.  Surprisingly, my sporadic brainstorming became quite enjoyable.  I selected the topic of Food Deserts because I was fascinated (not in a good way) by them after watching a video in class entitled “Guerilla Gardner.”  How eye opening!  I was (and still am) in shock that food deserts exist in “modern times.”  As you can see, I selected it as my topic for most of my assignments; my new passion is to help find a cure for the urban drought.

Note:  Work in Progress (final revision to be posted on May 26th, 2014).



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