Welcome to my ePortfolio!
(about me)

My ePortfolio will highlight the general education piece required for a Business Degree, (AS) with Salt Lake Community College.  After I complete my degree with SLCC, I plan to continue my educational journey for both a bachelors and masters degree.

College has definitely changed since I first attended in 1998!  I am looking forward to learning how to build the ePortfolio and sharing all of my general education experiences and coursework with everyone.

A little bit about me outside of school- I work for American Express, I have been there since 2008.  I am a Senior Manager in Compliance.  As a voluntary role, I previously led a Diversity Network for five years, which is a subject I’m quite passionate about!  Prior to my time with American Express, I worked in the Gaming Industry and lived in Las Vegas, NV (my favorite city).

I LOVE to travel!  From August 2015 through May 2016, I was fortunate enough to visit five countries.  I went to four of my dream destinations; Paris, Chichen Itza (the Mayan Temples just outside of Riveria Maya), Cinque Terre, and Rome.  Travel is the most amazing way to learn and the most incredible thing any human could experience!

I hope you will enjoy following me on my journey.

Happy browsing,

Brandy  🙂

All photographs are from my personal collection, unless otherwise noted by citation and/or external link.

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