Welcome to my ePortfolio!
(about me)

My ePortfolio will highlight the general education piece required for a Business Degree, (AS) with Salt Lake Community College.  After I complete my degree with SLCC, I plan to transfer to the U of U School of Business for an Accounting Degree, (BS).

College has definitely changed since I first attended in 1998!  I am looking forward to learning how to build the ePortfolio and sharing all of my general education experiences and coursework with everyone.

A little bit about me outside of school- I work for American Express, I have been there since 2008.  In my “day job” I am a Compliance Analyst; I also lead a Diversity Network, which is a subject I’m quite passionate about!  Prior to my time with American Express, I worked in the Gaming Industry and lived in Las Vegas, NV (my favorite city).  I LOVE to travel, my dream destinations are Paris and the Mayan Temples just outside of Cancun.

I hope you will enjoy following me on my journey.

Happy browsing,

Brandy  🙂

All photographs are from my personal collection, unless otherwise noted by citation and/or external link.

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